July 14th 2016 - 008

Well here you go just in case

July 14th 2016 - 007

There it is!

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This morning I was certain we’d finally get the rain we were promised, two days in a row its suppose to rain ~ not very much, but rain just the same…

I rise very early in the morning, yet not early enough to catch the sunrise each day, so this explains why I’ve not posted any amazing sunrises on my blog.. Six in the morning is early enough for me…


So, I’m sitting on my crafted wooden bench this morning at 6:10, well I do have to get dressed so that takes a few and brew that glorious first cup of coffee. I look up at the sky as I sip my coffee, steaming from the cup my daughter bought for me last Christmas and looked at the dark clouds overhead.. Smiling was next on the agenda for me this early morning just knowing we’d get rain today…


But, nope, nadda, no way… just about the time I finished my cup of Joe thinking about what today was going to be like and what could I possibly do in the gardens. Remember I’ve 5 permaculture beds that need admiring on a daily basis first thing in the morning…..

The carrots always need praising as I stroll by trying my best to miss the little gifts my pup leaves me upon her first outing of the day. As I’ve posted yesterday this heat has really pumped up the growing season for us here in Northern Ontario, Canada. It was a very slow start to gardening as it remained cold and chilly at night. The tiny seeds in the beds refused to pop their fragile little heads out of the soil for a long time.

With very little rain to speak of and the continued heat I wait on my tomato plants to take hold and really get moving toward their end… Salsa Canning Time…But, I’ll have to wait until late August to see ripening tomatoes on the vines of my many tomato plants… My trial with slicing one slice off a store bought tomato has proven to be working. ( In case you missed that blog episode ~ take one slice of a tomato and plop it into dirt and wait for the 30 -50 new tomato seedlings to grow) I just wish I began this trial back in the late Wintertime, so the plants would have had a good start even before heading outside.

My indoor Jalapenos plant is really producing for me in the big round clay pot, I felt it was doing so well indoors that I’d leave it inside and see just how long I can keep it alive and producing fruit. The stem is really hardy and thick now, since I prune it back at the V junctions after I’ve harvested the peppers. This way it strengthens the plant and becomes very happy for the short rest…

Back to this morning I looked over at my roll of chicken wire that I used to make cages for my potato plants in containers ~ hoping to keep the sneaky chipmunks outta there… I still had lots left and what does a bored gardening woman do when she’s bored? She makes two more cages for her two deck tomato plants which are in containers…But, when working with chicken wire if you’ve ever had the pleasure it can cut you like butter everywhere…

I know I should have worn gloves, but I can’t cut the wire while wearing those things…So, I suffer through it for the benefit of soon to be Salsa…. I left the tops open of course in anticipation of my plants growing tall. Each time I go to water the plants I find yet another cut on my arm from the wire cage. Hum…what’s a gal to do ?

She roots around in her garage for an old hose that is no longer any good (I hang on to most things such as this) I thought about slicing the hose down the middle and place it on top of the cages.

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July 14th 2016 - 002

line break image - 023

 It popped fine as kind right on top of the cage like a glove.. (pun) and I tied it with the twine my thoughtful daughter bought for me when out and about with her friends for a day of shopping.

July 14th 2016 - 012

Isn’t she just a sweet-heart ❤

Well, that so far has been my day (July 14th 2016) and I think I’ll go and take another look outside to see if those darn rain clouds are really coming our way…

Oh, and to not cause confusion I’ve begun to write my posts a day in advance and set them to release the following morning at 7 A.M. That way I can get outside in the morning and garden while it’s not hot …


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July 14th 2016 - 009

July 14th 2016 - 011

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Until next time

My pup & I wish for you all to have a peaceful day and evening…

July 6th 2016 -008

Woof, woof…


13 thoughts on “I spy with my one good eye…

  1. An ingenious solution to the wire problem, Laura. The hose looks good, and works too!
    I couldn’t spot the baby wasp. Despite wearing reading glasses with a +3 magnification, the cataracts and glaucoma won out. So I needed the enlargement on this occasion.
    I hope that you get the rain you need. It has been dry here for two days, but we don’t need anymore rain, thank you.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pete, thank you for your comments…It’s raining here this morning and I’m grinning from ear to ear for the water from the sky to re-fill my rain barrels… I’m sure my next post in a few days will prove the added growth of my permaculture beds after this wonderful rain.. I needed to come up with something and was happy with the results of the hose protecting my arms from further cuts.. Take care, Laura


    1. Thanking you kindly and so is yours as I was just there looking around.. Great Stuff you have there and I loved what you did in Photoshop.. I must give that a try too.. It’s so interesting all of the things we can do with that program and with Sketchbook… Have a wonderful day,
      Take care, Laura

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Judy and thank you for your comments….it began raining here last night and rained all morning and afternoon, but now the temp has dropped to 16c oh my poor tomatoes are so confused.. first 38c for 3 straight days, then down-pouring of rain and now a deep chill.. mercy me…

      Take care, Laura


    1. We’ve had a drought here too for a month or so, but my permaculture beds handled it wonderfully.. I remember the heat and humidity of Louisiana as I live there for five years back in the seventies.. Raceland, La and just outside of New Orleans, in Marrero, La

      Thank you kindly for your visit to my little blog.. Drink lots of water, while out and about in your gardens…

      Take care, Laura

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh that is great news and I just know you’ll be amazed with your Hugelculture bed…I know I am that’s why I have 5 beds….

        Can’t wait to see your progress next year… this is exciting for me.. I just love gardening …

        Take care,and happy gardening to ya from Laura 🙂


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