July 1st 2016 - 002

I posted a few weeks ago about getting excited about saving radish seeds, since with all of this heat a few of the radish plants bolted quite early in the season…

I also must admit that I actually know very little about gardening and saving seeds. I’ll throw seeds in the dirt and hope for the best without checking the pH levels of the soil. I have a handy dandy pH tester in a box somewhere in my house.. I even used it once or twice when I brought indoors two years ago my tomato plants, and ate lovely tomatoes in December, in Northern Canada

So, I watched the radish plant set the flowers and they bloomed, oh my the excitement began to rise higher on the scale from 1 to 10… I picked off the flower head after they dropped their leaves and placed on a tin pie plate… and waited…..crickets….then my son knocked over the pie tin on the carpet and of course I said, whatcha doing?

He apologized, while I told him the radish seeds are very tiny and are probably in the carpet fibers by now.. He got down on his knees looking for the seeds, feeling terrible for knocking over the plate containing the dried up flower heads…

I was washing the dishes one evening and remembered last year when my radishes bolted and funny looking Alien things appeared on the stems where the flower had been before…..I thought something was terribly wrong with my radish plants….

July 12th 2016 - 006

Alien looking things above

Before, these strange looking pods appeared I ran across a post somewhere telling us about saving radish seeds after these strange looking pods turn brown on the stem….They said there are hundreds of tiny radish seeds inside of these now cute looking little pointy pods.. Eureka!

My son didn’t lose any of the radish seeds from the pie tin, because there was merely dried radish flowers there all along… I’ve just now corrected my mistake and admitted to him that I know very little, indeed… He laughed and said, “So, I got down on my knees and nothing was there?” Yuppers, I said…..

He’s still laughing about this so I’m truly grateful for my lack of knowledge about saving radish seeds because mom made her son laugh once again.. It’s a Good Day….

From what I’ve newly read you must let them turn brown on the stem and grab them off I suppose before they open and scatter in the wind.. sort of like my poppy seed pods…

Updates, and probably another post about the outcome of saving those alien looking seed pods of mine.. So, stay tuned to this channel… wink…

line break image - 023

Update on my Potato Plants….

July 6th 2016 - Potatoes - 007

July 6th 2016

July 11th 2016 - 005

July 11th 2016

The potato has reached the top of the wire and I can report the stems are popping outside of the mesh looking like arms…I’d say this heat index is working wonders and perhaps that’s why they call it Baked Potatoes… wink….

line break image - 023


Until next time

My pup and I wish a beautiful day and evening for you all

May 29th - 004 - resized 30


4 thoughts on “A gardener who knows a lot about nothing…

    1. Pete, thanking you for your kind words…But, it’s good to be humble at times and admit what I don’t know or even thought about.. Last year I wasn’t even going to save the radish seeds so I never researched it any further.. Until, this year when I wanted to save a few more dollars so I can have fun in the DOLLAR Store.. I love that store for the simple things such as plant stakes, or markers for the plants, etc…

      Have a wonderful day, Laura


  1. I didn’t know that about radishes either. I let mine go to seed because they were too hot to eat but because the flowers already bloomed I thought it was too late to collect the seeds. Tomorrow I’m going out to the garden to see if I’ve got any alien pods to wait for. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

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