Little Miss Muffet drawing for blog

Along with permaculture gardening I have been playing around with a drawing tool for the computer, called a Pen Tablet. This one below is a Wacom Bamboo-Fun Tablet

Wacom bambo fun pen tablet

My son loaned me one of his older tablets and I’ve been having a lot of fun with this medium. My critter which I ran the contest for was drawn on the Pen tablet, and this little girl was also drawn on the pen tablet and I added the image of the girl to my garden bed picture taken yesterday. Boy, oh boy are my beets finally taking off.

Monkey Man - 005 - Resized 90

This was my first attempt using the pen tablet.

line break image - 014

I’ve also been working on other drawings that will be used as illustrations for one of my short stories. I hope to complete the drawings for the story by Fall of this year, and post them here and on YouTube.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing when not outside in the garden, or taking pictures of the flowers and my pup…


Until next time

~ Laura & her Pup ~

My pup - summer of 2014 - resized 50

4 thoughts on “Dreaming of Carrots and Beets

    1. Pete, indeed so…I would happily give her cool drinks too… My project is coming along nicely for a beginner to this new medium, but I’m loving the heck out of it…
      Take care, Laura


    1. Genie, my pup has really gotten use to me snapping off pictures of her, and she now tries to show her good side, I swear… Wink….

      Thank you for your lovely comments, today and have a wonderful mid-morning

      Take care, Laura

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