July 10th 2016 - 010

Bath time for birdie

July 10th 2016 - 024

July 10th 2016 - 012

Getting all the dirty spots….

July 10th 2016 - 013

Where’s the soap?

July 10th 2016 - 016

July 10th 2016 - 011

“Are you watching me?”

What a sweet little bird, and I think I need to re-stain my deck soon…

(Most of the water on the lid dried after the birdie had their bath)

line break image - 027

This mornings poppies

July 10th 2016 - 006

July 10th 2016 - 004

July 10th 2016 - 007

July 10th 2016 - 009

My pup says for you all to have a great morning….


Until next time


~Β  LauraΒ  ~

6 thoughts on “In a pinch a little bit of water on a lid will do

    1. Pete, I love watching all of the different types of birds that visit my yard and listening to the varied songs each sing.. Thank you for your comments, and have a great evening

      Take care, Laura


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