Then they moved the strike date to this coming Monday, July 11th 2016 ~ No one was happy on either side ~ I suppose reasons for the pending strike.. Most companies who you owe bills on a monthly basis were scrambling, reminding us all we still had to pay our bills on time, even if we never receive a bill from them due to the strike…

Now, I ponder….If the bill never arrives is it really a bill?

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to witness said tree ~ Did it really fall?

On the news this evening they are now saying they are willing to talk to each other for the next month, so the pending strike is now diverted to August around this date…

To me this sounds like two children who have a disagreement and refuse to settle it for the welfare of both sides.. in this case they are thinking more about how much more money they can get, or how little money they are willing to pay the mail carriers.. What about the people whom they deliver the actual mail and packages, across this province?

We have no voice, but if it were not for US they would be without a Job…..

Just saying…….

So, let those flyers begin again on Monday, destined for the recycle bin…

“Let My Flyers Go!”

If you’d like to read more on this issue

Now it appears that the strike is back on for Monday from what I’ve read from the link above, well we shall see come Monday if there are any deliveries to the mailboxes…




Until next time

That is if I pay my internet bill …..

~ Laura ~


2 thoughts on “Canada Post was going to strike today…

  1. Obviously, I don’t live in Canada, so I read your link, to try to understand the dispute.
    Outside of cities, postal workers are paid at a rate of how many items they actually deliver. In urban areas, they receive an hourly rate, whatever their route. This doesn’t sound very fair at all, as it will be easier to deliver things in some communities, and the fewer items in remote areas will result in very low pay for the workers in those districts.
    Pension changes will mean much higher contributions from new employees, to get the same benefits as existing staff already have.

    So, is a job a ‘real job’? Should someone walking around the streets of a city like Montreal delivering post, be paid more than someone struggling through snow to deliver to a farm in rural Saskatchewan? I would say that the unions have a point. Then again, I was a union member for all my working life, and hate to see essential industries like The Postal Service pulled apart piecemeal and become something different depending on where you live or work.

    Just my opinion, from across the Atlantic.
    Best wishes from a dark and rainy Norfolk. Pete.

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    1. Pete, I truly am bewildered and confused about this pending strike..

      On one hand I knew a postal worker who worked three hours a day, and received an 8 hour wage each day.. He could have delivered the mail in less or more time and still the 8 hour wage. Given that was a number of years ago.

      Times have certainly changed since technology and the internet. The price of stamps sky-rocketed after E-mail became a thing.. Who sends REAL birthday cards anymore? And, they’re probably done via texting on cells now…

      I can understand with the loss in revenue from US the customers something had to give and change. My fear is the greed of the systems at be don’t want to take a loss of revenue, so they give less to their employees the postal workers, so they can keep turning their own profit.

      I wonder what incomes the folks are making at the top of the Postal Service.. I’m sure they never have to visit a food bank or get clothes from the local USED clothing stores.. New To You they say on the banner in front of the building…

      I was in a union as well working for the Canadian Red Cross…I began to wonder who works for who?

      I truly fear that folks wanting more and that is their rights to do so, and the differences in pay is not right, but if they want equal pay for doing less and get it … will that trickle down to less jobs for the men and woman in the postal service?

      I’ve noticed since the banks added the banking machines years ago, the number of tellers inside of the bank go down from 6-7 standing there to 1 or 2 employees… I understand that we use the banking machines and less of us are going inside, or we’re using the internet to do banking…

      I told one of the banking employees years ago when she was telling me how to use the banking machines, to be careful because her own job was walking the tight rope and she wouldn’t be needed in the near future… Remember the movie where machines take over the world… I’ll be back…..

      Thank you so much for your comments, and I hope the good men and woman of the postal service get what they need to make a living and take care of their families…



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