July 6th 2016 - First Poppy of the season from 2015 seeds harvested - 001

What a beauty


Until next time

~  Laura  ~


20 thoughts on “From 2015 harvested seeds to todays first poppy bloom of the season

    1. Pete, thank you for your comments, and yes this is why I plant the poppies, for my Grandfather who served in WW1..

      I smile broadly each and every time I see a beautiful Red Poppy..

      I use to sell the poppy pins for the Veterans Affairs when I was a child..

      My grandmother as talented as she was made me a cute white dress and adorned it fully in the poppies she would buy…

      Each year my grandmother would buy more of the poppy pins to replace the ones that may have been lost in my travels from door to door..

      I made them a great deal of money and each year they needed to buy more and more of the pins, because I always sold them all.. Great loving memories of days past…

      Take care my friend across the pond…I love That’s a Cracker ! I must use that term…



      1. Oh my goodness, Thank you for the link and they look amazing.. I would want to pay you back for the cost, and mailing too.. I would love one, indeed.. Right now we have a postal strike beginning on this Friday.. So, I’ll let you know when it’s over and We can exchange email address so I can email you the address.. Not a good idea to post that info on here… Thanking you kindly, dear friend…

        Laura 🙂


      2. I wouldn’t hear of payment, it will be my gift to you from England. My email address is petejohnson50@yahoo.com I would not expect you to put any address information on such a public forum of course. Let me know which one you like best, or a selection, in case some are not available.


    1. quercuscommunity, Yes I totally agree with you about this beauty of a flower self seeding, but I’m trying to control just where they are planted, so I gather up the itty bitty seeds and only plant them in the wooden barrel. I might this year just scatter them around certain areas in the yard for a nice surprise in the Spring of next year.. Thank you for your lovely comments and have a wonderful day/evening

      Take care, Laura ~

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      1. I have a somewhat small area to use for my gardening, and the area where its grass is getting smaller and smaller due to the additions of permaculture beds, but I do adore chaos and would love the poppies growing around the yard… Thank you again for your comments 🙂

        Take care, Laura ~

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    1. Koko, I’m certain with your green thumb they will be majestic…. Mine are called Iceland Mixed Poppies, so it’s a lovely surprise when they bloom.. Since poppies self seed .. that makes it easy, but I love collecting the seeds when the pods dry and plant in areas I want them to be… otherwise they would be all over and probably mowed by the lawnmower as they look like weeds when they first pop out of the ground.. I love them so much each and every seed I retrieve I cherish….

      hugs to ya from Laura

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      1. Yes, I too am thinking along those lines this year.. We’re being charged now for every drop of water we use, so the rain barrels are a life saver when I need to give my hostas a drink or the poppies.. I’m thinking most of the back yard adorned with wild flowers of all types, lots and lots of poppies, and a small walk way down the middle.. hum… I won’t need the lawn mower back there then.. I’m loving this idea..

        Take care, Laura

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      2. Koko, that’s funny you said that… I usually build something out of wood each year, and was thinking this year I could possibly make a fairy cottage and place it on a stake in the middle of my Poppy barrel… what do you think? a floating fairy cottage..


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