June 24 - July 4 - Permaculture Bed 2016 - resized 70

Eleven Days sure can make a difference…

July 4th 2016 - Permaculture Bed - 004

Pretty soon all you’ll see is green in there… and so far very few weeds to contend with.. Yay!

July 4th 2016 - Permaculture Bed - 006

Tomato Plants (seedlings from one slice of tomato-yield 30 plants)

planted here in the permaculture bed and in containers

July 4th 2016 - Permaculture Bed - 005

Beets – yum 🙂

July 4th 2016 - Permaculture Bed - 007

I noticed the other day a stray tomato plant hiding in between the carrots ~

This is interesting due to the fact I didn’t plant one of the (tomato) seedlings in this spot, perhaps in the carrot seed package there was one little tomato seed in there just waiting to surprise someone…?


Until next time

~  Laura  ~


10 thoughts on “Permaculture Gardening

    1. Oh my goodness Pete with all of the heat we’ve been having the permaculture beds are thriving beyond my dreams…

      I was just out there this mid morning as I slept in this morning, antihistamine drugged sleep because I had a hurtful rash on my arm last evening, I just pray it’s not the onset of shingles.. Oh please let it not be that..

      I have loads of gardening to attend too … But, I’ll be out there even if it’s painful to do so, nothing will keep me long from my gardening not even the visiting wasp babies flying around.. They are eating any bugs that may be chewing on the plants, so they’re a good thing in the long run..

      I’m going to post the first poppy bloom of the season today… Stay tuned…

      Take care, Laura


      1. Sorry to hear about the rash. I had shingles once, a long time ago. Even though it was in the late 1970s, I can still recall the discomfort. Lets hope it is something else, and that it goes away fast.
        Looking forward to the poppy!
        Best wishes, Pete.

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      2. It was all around my waist and across my chest. I went to the doctor, as I couldn’t stand to have anything touching it. He gave me some calamine lotion to cool it, pain killers, and an anti-histamine for the itching. I had to cut out panels from old shirts to wear, so that the cloth wasn’t touching me. It lasted about ten days before it calmed down. Luckily, it hasn’t come back since, but I do get an itchy rash called Pityriasis Rosea, which is incurable. That is controlled by steroid creams, and is not as bad as shingles.

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      3. Thank you Pete, for your story of the shingles, I can remember my grandmother having it too, and she had an awful look of pain during that time..

        I have the calamine lotion, anti-histamine too.. So, if I’m not a lucky camper I’m all set to battle once again with something due to uncontrollable circumstances….I just hope if it is that it’s a short amount of time too, my sister who passed had it for over a month, and she said it was so painful..

        The area on my arm is very painful to touch … even air.. oh my I hope it’s not this.. I did have to take my pup to the vet yesterday, and lift her up to the table using that arm underneath her… So, I pray it’s just an allergic reaction to her dander.. fingers are crossed that’s all it is..



  1. What a fruitful garden you have growing there! I hope I can keep my little plants alive. I know it is silly, but I have never thought of getting seeds from a tomato and not from a seed packet haha.
    Best wishes and happy gardening!

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    1. catherinecontinued, I know me too…I saw that on pinterest a while ago and thought hey why not.. I’ll never buy a tomato seed packet again.. Thank you ever so much for your comments, and happy gardening to you as well…

      Take care, Laura ~


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