July 2nd 2016 - Shadfly - 001

The shad-fly has been around for over 300 million years..

They have no mouth to bite (undeveloped mouth)

They just exist to become fish, and bird food… Who knew?

Shad Flies – the species has been around for more than 300 million years!


line break image - 014

July 2nd 2016 - Spider web - 003

Come into my web you silly shad-fly

Aug 9 2013 - 003 - Copy

I’ll guard the rest of the yard ! You can deal with the shad-flies…


Until next time

~  Laura  ~


8 thoughts on “Canada’s Shadfly Season ~ American (Mayfly)

  1. Lol. If they’ve been around that long, they must be pretty good at making more of themselves, too 😉 Sobering thought, really. They spend most of their lives as children, but there’s no point in going to school because adulthood lasts for little more than a blink of an eye…

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    1. I know what you mean, Ros… the females live for around 5 minutes.. just long enough to breed.. the smell of dead fish is all around the city too, if you crush them they emit a smell that’s just terrible, and your car tires smell too from rolling over the millions of these laying on the roads.. My car is in a garage and now smells too.. all and all these can just go away now..

      Thank you for your comments.. Have a great weekend…

      Take care, Laura ~

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  2. I remember the bug from when I lived in Dubuque, Iowa, along the Mississippi River. There were so many of them on the Wisconsin bridge that occasionally there would be traffic accidents from people skidding on them! Folks who were native to the area also called them fish flies (probably because of their smell when crushed). They creeped me out when they would fall in my hair from the trees. Yowwwww! They only hatch out from clean water. If you have fish flies, you have relatively unpolluted water. That is something nice to think about. Take care, Begonia

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    1. Begonia, thank you for your lovely comment… Yes, indeed they are slippery and stink like dead fish.. I’m so happy the season of the Shads is over for another year….

      Take care, and enjoy your weekend.. Laura


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