July 1st 2016 - 002

Goodbye to the rows of radishes…

July ~ getting ready to save some seeds…

July 1st 2016 - 003

Hello there little Iceland poppy ~ What color will you be?



green frog in the rain

My garden is drinking up all of the rain on this Canada Day afternoon

Mia - 001

So my pup and I will have to remain indoors for a spell…

line break image - 021


Until next time

~  Laura  ~


10 thoughts on “The first day of a brand new month ~ July

  1. To welcome July, we have rain here too, Laura. Not that we need it, as the ground has been muddy since March. Wimbledon tennis always heralds rain, and this year is no exception. It was dark enough for lights at 4 PM. No summer, in my book.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Pete, it deeply saddens me that your summer is looking bleak and muddy. Oh my lights on at 4 is our winter … hang in there and I thought of you over there when the skies darken here and my bones foretold the approaching rain for today. If I lived over there I’d be crippled by joint pain since March.. I hope you don’t have any of those problems.. I just feel its been too long for you folks across the pond to be without sunshine and a dry ground to walk over.. Poor little Ollie must miss the dirt and he’s probably weary over having his paws cleaned each day he wanders outside..

      Take care, Laura (I declare NO More Rain For You)


  2. It rained for a short time today. So sad. I want it to rain hard for a few days. We need it. The humidity has been high. Not fun to be out in. I’d rather it just rain already! I like the frog. I painted one many moons ago! Hope you are well Laura!

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      1. Not posted, but there is a picture of a glass eye’d tree frog in the post on the shelves I built in my son’s room. 🙂 I call it my juvenile days of painting. Hahahaha. Take care Friend!

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