4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Canada~ July 1, 1867

  1. I didn’t know that it was national day in Canada today, Laura. Good to see ‘you’ back on the header!
    Apparently, there is a celebration in London today, near Canada House in Trafalgar Square.

    (I think this photo was taken another time, when it was a sunny celebration…)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Pete, I’m lucky being an American living here in Canada…I get to celebrate both Canada Day, July 1st and the 4th of July just a few days afterward. The best of both worlds…I was just in the garden and was run off by a wasp visiting from another yard.. Last year as you may remember my troubles with the wasp nest in my main permaculture bed ~ Well, all last year they left me alone, but this year the visitors (wasp) are showing who is really the boss out there in my garden… LOL…

      Take care, Laura


      1. Oh but my fake nest has done the trick, I don’t have the wasp building their nest in my yard this year.. It kept the queen away this past spring.. But, she appears to have sent in her children to taunt me on a daily basis.. some still small and others rearing their wings to show me I need to return to the main deck away from my garden..

        I’ve come to the conclusion that if they build a nest underneath the permaculture bed, the bugs leave me alone and deter other wasp from my garden.. hum.. who knew…odd too since it’s a tad chilly this morning out there and they usually don’t come out that early.. Learning new things every day over here…

        Take care, and thank you for your comments..

        Laura 🙂


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