Birch Tree with mushroom growing - cropped 003 - RESIZED

This tall Birch tree had been dying for a number of years, until it arrived at its destination when it was time to say goodbye.  Sadly I contacted a gentleman to come and cut this beautiful tree down in sections…it’s odd to think the main reasons for my buying my fix-er upper of a home over 16 years ago was in part to this majestic birch tree and my attached car garage.

Winters as you know in Northern Ontario, Canada can be a test for anyone who lives in this beautiful country. I had children to cart off to school early in the mornings and didn’t want to spend what little coffee time I had, before heading out ~ scraping off the ice and snow from the windshield and vehicle. So, this magical birch tree and I became friends so to speak..

The summers were a delight to be in my garden trying to figure out the landscape that I wanted for the future, what I did know was there was going to be perennials in my garden that I could divide each year to save money.. I bought One Hostas plant in the year of 2000 and now have over 20 Hostas plants growing in my backyard.

I watched the woodpecker fly in and perch on the limbs of the birch tree, which began to worry me over my morning coffee one heavenly spring day, because this meant there were bugs in my tree which had begun its journey toward the end of its life.

Every early spring morning over my cup of coffee the woodpecker would return and bang away at my tree. Strange as it was my heart sank a little bit, but in my heart I knew that one day this beloved birch tree was going to give back to me in ways that I never even dreamed of…

Red beak Woodpecker - 005

Moms beloved Birch Tree

Damage to Birch tree - 001

After taking a few pictures of where the woodpecker was banging away at my tree, I could finally see the amount of damage this bird was doing to the main portion of my tree. My brain was telling me the tree was offering up food for the wildlife in the yard, giving up its bark to make room for this new woodpecker hotel… All around the tree were holes, small in the beginning and growing larger as the next year approached. So, the bark was dying and the insects moved right on in to do what comes naturally to them, clear away whats no longer living ~ making room for something new.

I suppose I think too much about nature and my surroundings, but this is who I am and its kept me sane in an insane world at times. I do my best to help nature, but there comes a time you just have to let go…

Remember I said earlier the tree would indeed give back to me in ways I never thought about… Well, Permaculture beds came into my gardening dreams after researching this on the inter-webs… Birch trees were one of the best ways to begin my permaculture beds from what I read. They break down sort of quickly, unlike hard woods that would take forever to get the permaculture beds going…

It’s really simple if you think about the crowded forest, where limbs fall, leaves fall, all landing on the ground ~ sort of rinse and repeat action going on…This composts down causing the soil to become very rich and gives life to all that’s near. It holds moisture when there’s little rain and it drains well due to all of the tiny branches and twigs in the heap…

So, I directed the gentleman who cut down my tree in sections to just leave the logs where they landed.. He did look at this almost 60 year old woman, oddly before he offered to stack the logs for me where ever I wished them to be placed…

As stubborn as I am growing in age (and waist) I thought no…. I’d do it myself… Why you wonder…?

Well, first I needed to ponder over where I wanted the permaculture bed to go once the tree was down and secondly I wanted (odd as this is going to sound) give back to my beloved tree by handling the logs, limbs, twigs myself ~ One at a time, resting in between…. I was almost as close to nature and one with this tree as any human can ever be… It also gave me exercise in return which never hurts anyone at my age….

This tree once strong, standing so tall gave me so much pleasure for 15 years, offering to me natures wisdom that I too no matter what happen to me in life ~ I too can be tall (even at 5’2 ) and strong to weather what ever is thrown my way. My heart is forever open, my mind never cluttered with needless things, I keep a fresh new outlook to each and every day as I garden in my 5 permaculture beds that have been working beautifully ~ I still have my lovely birch tree giving me grace and happiness… Find what makes you happy and it will always be by your side, in the good times and the not so good…..


Until next time

~  Laura  ~


6 thoughts on “Nature is always working in one shape or another

    1. Thank you Pete, I know most folks would find it odd to grow (pun) attached to a tree, but since a wee child I’ve always loved trees of all types.. I suppose I never grew out of that feeling that the trees offer to me.. stand tall and strong should be my motto… Thank you again as always for your comments and continued support of my blog..

      Take care, Laura ~


    1. Thank you so much for posting my blog on your site. I too believe we all need to go back to a more safe and natural way of farming without chemicals…

      Laura Permaculture gardener…


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