June 1st 2016 - 007 - resized 30

We began this gardening season off with chilly weather in May, usual for that time of year…But, when June arrived I was hopeful to have warmer temperatures during the evenings. This didn’t happen for us this year. It stayed cold at night but at least not freezing (except for a couple of nights) Remember, me telling you I’ve seen snow up here in Northern Ontario, Canada in June…

June 1st brought in tiny seedlings in one of my 5 permaculture beds…..

June 1st 2016 - 013

I became worried with this slow progression of the sprouting seeds, but hoped for enough time left for them to arrive at a decent size come Fall. I was totally surprised to see the plants have taken off in the last 24 days and I’m almost certain I’ll have many meals of fresh carrots from the garden.. (fingers crossed that the chipmunks don’t partake in a meal or two before I get to savor this vegetable…

June 24th 2016 - 002

June 24th 2016 - 003

This tree is almost right above my permaculture bed with all of those tasty carrots trying to grow up to be big and strong… I have a bit of netting on top of the bed, so I’m running a test to see who gets to eat the carrots this year..

I suppose he’s hungry too, since he or she has been munching down on my Echinacea leaves that returned from last year in the 2nd permaculture bed which has a few Asparagus plants and a few newly planted peas.

I know they love the peas, so I hope those plants are enough distraction for them to leave the other beds alone…My radishes are still going strong in the 1st permaculture bed with the umbrella for shade…

June 1st 2016 - 011 - resized 30

June 20th 2016 - 002

I want to plant my Swiss chard in the area where the radishes are located ~ Just waiting to harvest the rest of them first… A combination of netting and the umbrella should protect these plants too…

I read on the inter-webs a while back about starting tomato plants from a single slice of a store bought tomato from your local grocery store. So, given the challenge and needing to do something different this year, I gave this interesting idea a go….

slice tomato

Can you see all of those seeds in just one slice of the tomato? Mercy me I thought when I plopped One Slice of the store bought tomato into a container of compost, covering it with about two inches more of compost to try and sneak this past the hungry chipmunks this spring. Placed a net over the top of the container and waited and waited…

June 24th 2016 - 010

I probably should have began the tomato slice trial toward the end of winter indoors, but I had enough plants (Jalapeno’s) on the go at the time this past winter…

June 24th 2016 - 011

I must have had over 50 new tomato plants off that One Slice of tomato, but I haven’t the room for all of those (I’ll make room next year ~ dreaming of much more homemade salsa) tomato seedlings.

As it is right now there are too many plants in each of these containers, I couldn’t throw out these tiny little soldiers, so in they went… I may later in a few weeks reduce the number in the containers, or I’ll just run the test further and just see what happens…

I do love surprises that don’t follow the normal way of doing things… Hey, I moved up here to the frozen North of Canada from Sunny Florida over 3 decades ago, so I’m not normal in the least….   🙂


March 30 2015 - 004 resized 30

Cute kitten asking about winter - 001 copy

March 14 2015 - 003

But, the flip side of my Winter is this…….



Sept 27 2014 Fall Leaves - 004

Haiku - Oct 27 2014 copy

It’s all Good !


Until next time

~  Laura  ~


4 thoughts on “Twenty-Four Days Really Does Make a Difference

    1. Hiya Pete, I know eh,,,, if I had a few chickens, a cow or two I’d be set … I’d have to move into the country for those animals to be legal to raise on the property.. Thank you for your continued support of my blog.,..

      Have a peaceful Sunday, across the pond….



    1. Hello there Ros, I think you’re right… We’ve had a great deal of sun these past few weeks and my permaculture beds are taking good care of my plants that I’ve not watered but twice, since we’ve not had much rain.. normal gardening in this drought would have meant daily watering of the vegetables…so far so good with the tests I’m running … it’s said a permaculture bed can handle drought quite well…
      Thank you for your comments and your continued support of my blog…

      Hugs from Laura

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