June 23rd 2016 - Robins Nest

May 28th - 006 - resized 30

The beautiful owner of this home worked very hard this year to build the foundation for this nest. In previous years I’ve seen the nest built out of twigs and dried plant material, but this Spring the robins knew something I did not at the time…

We were going to have a very chilly Spring, and if you notice the mud foundation to this nest it would tell the story for this new season. I suppose she knew it would keep her eggs safe and warm until such time they hatched.

Since the nest was built on the corner of my deck I could see the tiny babies waiting for their mother to return with treats for them to enjoy… I waited and waited and one day the baby birds had left the nest, leaving this beautiful home abandoned.. But, oh what a beautiful home it still is.. Nature at its best and if we watch we’ll know some of the secrets mother nature is trying to tell us….

I actually planned my gardens around what these robins were telling me and so far I’ve not lost one plant due to the weather…

line break image - 014

I bought some green onions at the grocery store, cutting off the green parts leaving about 2 inches of the white end of the onion…Then planted them in the garden and let them take off reaching for the sky…

June 20th 2016 - 009

Dreaming of Stir-Fry

line break image - 014

June 23rd 2016 - Red Peonies - 001

I love the hint of white on the edges of my Red Peonies…

June 23rd 2016 - White Peonies - 001

To my surprise this year there’s a bit of red in the center of my white peonies… Have my plants

been busy together, creating ?

June 23rd 2016 - Poppy - 001

Soon to become beautiful Poppies

June 23rd 2016 - droplets of rain

Loving my garden after a rain shower

June 23rd 2016 - squirrel patrol - 002

My pup on squirrel patrol

June 23rd 2016 - squirrel patrol - 001

I totally understand my pup….She’s letting me know she’s got this covered….Don’t worry be happy  🙂

line break image - 012


Until next time

~  Laura  ~


6 thoughts on “A home is never just a home

  1. We have some friendly robins, but they don’t nest close to the house. The blue tits do though, in a nest box on the oak tree. Your peonies look lovely indeed, and the onions seem to be flourishing. All we seem to grow well here are the nettles, and grass. High humidity and constant rain is making everything grow faster that I can cut it. At least the mint and rosemary are doing well, and the late roses are coming out at the front too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Sounds like you have a nice green lawn over there… in the front yard its been so dry I have mostly weeds and dirt.. But, now that it’s so dry the weeds are even turning brown.. I pay for every drop of water so the front lawn will just have to be what it is… The back yard is much better given all of the trees shading the area… you can make mint ice cream from all that mint you’re growing.. I’m right now working on a batch of ice cream from the Chocolate Mint plants I have transplanted in the yard.. will probably do a blog about it… Take care, and thank you for your comments…



    1. Koko, it’s always a mad dash in this old brain of mine to choose which I adore the most.. The poppy has a strong sentimental value, while the peonies have a scent in the early spring that makes me so happy to be outside after a long winter. Perhaps, I adore and I’m amazed equally by both flowers… Hugs, Laura

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