Lucille Ball Shocked face

Cheltenham Badlands 45 mins outside of Toronto

This area is located just a mere 45 minutes outside of Toronto, Ontario Canada and is called

Cheltenham Badlands

I was checking to see what our weather was going to be like for today on the Weather Channel, and I ran across this article about this strange looking place. Back in the 1930’s the article said this area was environmentally unfriendly farmed causing the soil to erode.

When you only take away and never put back (seedlings) this can happen…I’ve seen this happen in humans too… This picture is amazing to look at and sad all at the same time. Be careful how much you take from something or someone without returning the favor. We all need those simple words, “How can I help?” or ” Here let me help you.”

I’m blessed with people around me always offering to help, even if I say naw I’ve got it….Yes, my southern broken language showing…But, I know if I really needed help they would be there for me at any given time….

Cheltenham Badlands 45 mins outside of Toronto - 002

line break image - 014


Until next time

~  Laura  ~


4 thoughts on “Sometimes lessons must be seen over time

    1. Oh my Pete, I just googled your Cheltenham and it’s beautiful.. I see what you mean.. Thank you as always for your continued support for my post…

      Take care and I hope all that rain over there has ended for you..



      1. We managed to get a little bit of rain overnight, just enough for the gardens to grin….I’ve not been watering my permaculture beds, because their suppose to be self maintaining and I thought I’d run the test for this year and see if it’s true.. so far the ground underneath the top of the beds are just fine with the amount of rain (very little) .. So, I think it’s all true.. so far anyway.. plants are thriving and that’s a good thing… Take care, Laura


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