June 21st 2016 - 005

Do my eyes deceive me?

Is that snow that I see?

If I merely take a quick look at the above picture, I might think it’s snowing in the summertime here in Northern Ontario, Canada….

But, upon closer inspection and the time taken I see that it’s just the fallen honeysuckle petals on the ground. I love taking pictures of my plants and gardens. I bring them on to the computer and use the magnifier tool and take a closer look just to see what I may find that’s hidden to my eyes at the time the picture was taken.

It’s  an amazing world down there underneath the leaves or branches. Tiny bugs you’ve missed while taking a photograph. I wish that my knees were better, because I’d be right down on the ground taking pictures of this amazing world only seen through the magnifying tool on my computer…

June 21st 2016 - 001

line break image - 014

June 20th 2016 - 007

At first glance I see the iris plants thriving their transplanting last year, and my hostas adore their new home as well.. the small plant at the bottom right (I forgot the name) has many tiny red flowers when in bloom….

But, since they are so tiny you must take the time to enjoy or else their beauty might just be lost…

June 21st 2016 - 003

June 21st 2016 - 004

“All good things in time…”

Have you ever wondered about that saying?

I think it means good things come to us all in time, but we are the ones who must take the time to experience and enjoy.. Take care out there where ever you may be and my wish for you is all good things may come to you in time…

line break image - 014


Until next time

~  Laura  ~


4 thoughts on “Snow on the Second Day of Summer!

  1. 🙂 You’re gnome seems to be enjoying a nice rest after all his hard work tending the plants and chasing off the bugs. You’d think he’d be a bit hot in all that warm sunshine, but he doesn’t seem the least bit upset by it. Cool as a cucumber, your gnome. Does he have a name?

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