June 20th 2016 - Potato Plant - 003 - resized 90

It’s interesting just how simple growing potatoes can be….I found one of my store bought potatoes sprouting inside of the brown paper bag they came in. Well, in the middle of winter what does this gal wanna be doing?   GARDENING

So, I removed the spud from the paper bag and placed it over where my Jalapeno plants were growing. I’d just placed the sprouting spud on the drip tray that was underneath my planter with the grow lights.. Guess what happened next?

Well, I forgot all about the sprouting spud because my son’s ivy plant took off on a growing spree, not unlike the blue light special at K-Mart, you know those flashing blue lights where everyone makes a mad dash just to see what’s on sale on any given day…

This spring I thought it was time to clean the tray underneath my planter and guess what? I found the wee sprouting spud, but it had morphed into this living thing with a tall sprout reaching at least 12 inches tall… the spud itself had wrinkled a little bit, but the sprout was glorious just the same.. I planted it outside this spring and in the picture is the potato thriving in all of its glory..

I say glory, because we here in this family just love our potatoes.. It’s such a versatile vegetable and will last stored away in a cool dark place.. Oh, Oh…I have a funny story about a cool dark place..

When I was working with the Canadian Red Cross as a personal support worker, I had a client who wanted me to clean up her basement closet, and perhaps find a lost special pair of red shoes for her…I found a brown paper grocery store bag in the closet underneath some dresses hanging on the rod (I couldn’t see the top of the bag yet…)

I cleaned up the closet and pulled out the brown paper bag, shocked and a tad scared to find it full of potatoes that had sprouted and were growing leaves! The vines had to be two feet tall which had tangled their way among her clothing in the closet… I am ashamed to admit I did let out a big yelp, and said one of my silly southern sayings, “Oh My Gravy…”

I wish I’d asked to take home that huge bag of sprouting spuds that day, but I followed her instructions and threw them in the garbage.. I bet perhaps, you’re wondering if I found those special pair of red shoes that day…

I certainly did indeed find those shoes this lovely woman had been searching for over a year without any luck… As it turns out those were the shoes she always wore on her anniversary every year.. She’d wear them only on their special day and then return them back into a cloth shoe bag and back into a shoe box..

The lives others live in a lifetime can be so special and dear.. So, if someone who’s elderly ask for a favor to find something ~ go on and take a few minutes to make someones day just that much better.. I’m glad I did… go above and beyond for this grand owner of the special red shoes….


(These were the closest I could find to her shoes via the internet)

courtesy of


line break image - 012


Until next time

~  Laura  ~


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