June 20th 2016 - 004

For the last few years trying to grow my radishes has been a learning curve due to many different variables. I planted my radish seeds before the last frost date into my permaculture bed. Since, the bed will hold the heat long after the day has ended and the chill of a May night surrounds the bed…

I’ve also heard that some seeds will sprout quickly if you freeze them for a few hours.. Hum… that sure did get me to thinking about my own garden this season.. I had mother nature on my side to provide the chill at night, so I planted the seeds in early May and hoped for frost… Have you ever heard of a gardener hoping for frost?

Well, this worked out beautifully, surprising me! I knew from last year the permaculture bed would retain the heat from the day so I didn’t even fret over the May dusting of snow that we experienced….I said, “Come on Mother Nature, give me your best!” And she without fail did just that.

But, and yes there is a but…..May became the longest running heat spell we’ve had in many moons, and we all know radish seedlings hate the heat and will bolt right before your eyes, turning into seeds for the following year or Fall planting, if you’re brave…

But, I planned on this contingency and planted a second bunch of radish seeds in a wooden planter…When the heat happened I waved my hand at mother nature and went searching for my broken umbrella in my garage.

June 20th 2016 - 002

June 20th 2016 - 001


This action of mine looked really funny at first having this huge umbrella dead center atop my permaculture bed where my radish seedling had sprouted….I tied some sticks to the front wire fencing and to the spines of the umbrella because the wind would have caught the umbrella throwing it probably into the neighbors yard…  🙂

The second planting of radish seeds were not shaded and my plan was to let them bolt and offer to me the radish seeds I’d need for next year, with mother natures help there are tiny flowers on the top of the stem and soon I’ll have the seeds… Take that mother nature.. or I should say I worked with you this year, instead of fighting what you have planned for my short gardening season…

June 20th 2016 - Bolting Radish for Seeds - 005

Update to follow if my plan works out and I indeed do retrieve seeds from this

bolting Radish plant…

line break image - 014

I weeded the clover that was beginning to take over my garden beds, (5) in total.. While, my pup watched me from the shade of my flowering honeysuckle bush…

June 20th 2016 - 006

Isn’t she just a sweetheart….

But, it was time to return indoors, since my skin could feel the humidity beginning…

June 20th 2016 - 008

and my pup was the first one up the steps…

Before, the thunderstorms roll in today! Yay, free water for the garden


it’ll fill up my rain barrels…win, win, win, chicken dinner….

line break image - 014


Until next time

~  Laura  ~


8 thoughts on “Umbrella Gardening ~ Who knew?

    1. Pete, oh my I do feel for you folks over there across the pond, it must be so maddening for you to always have rain to contend with. There’s is nothing worst than getting your clothes damp and feeling wet right down to the bone.. Hoping for sunshine to rain upon you… sorry for the pun… must be the weather here.. I hate, hate, lightening that’s coming our way today.. so does my pup… she will pant and pant until her fur falls out.. maybe she senses my dislike for it and is following my actions.. So, what if we’re both coward underneath the bed when it’s thunder and lightening outside… Take care, Laura


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