June 18th 2016 - Peonies - 001

Excitement abounds

June 18th 2016 - Peonies - 002

A smile given is worth a thousand words

and these red peonies this year have filled me with happiness

line break image - 014


Until next time

~  Laura  ~


2 thoughts on “The Red Dawn of Glory in the Flower

    1. Pete, yes indeed we are blessed with this hot weather and the gardens are loving it.. I can finally pick my radishes that have been babied underneath a broken umbrella since the heat began.. They hate the heat and bolt as soon as it happens, but this year I placed an umbrella to shade the tender plants (radishes) and low and behold it worked this year… Who needs the costly shade covering ~ Not I …. But, the permaculture bed does look funny 🙂

      Take care, Laura ~


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