June 17th 2016 - Peonies in full bloom - 002

Each time the red peonies gets ready to bloom many are not up to the white peonies standards

June 17th 2016 - Peonies in full bloom - 003

This flower looks almost too shy to open properly, or the heat from yesterday made it think twice?

June 17th 2016 - Peonies in full bloom - 001

I will say that the white peonies was planted a year or two before the red was planted…But, there’s still a big difference between the plants…It’s almost fun each year to wait and see if the red peonies can finally catch up with the old sibling, so to speak…As we all are aware older will always be older, and the younger will always try to catch up… hum…something to ponder, eh?

June 13th 2016 - 009 copy

(It looks like a fish with a tail, and not your run of the mill slug)

I threw a few bean seeds into my permaculture bed a few weeks ago, and right off the bat something is eating away at the leaves, it’s gross to look at so I’m sorry I posted this picture, but what in the world is that thing?  Again, sorry for the poor picture I think I need new glasses when taking pictures.. Many are not coming out as clear as before….Aging….hum… Me?

jonthing copy - resized 30

So, to make up for that gross picture here’s a picture of 3 little pies I made last week, before it turned so bloody hot… strawberry and rhubarb… mmm, mmm, good…….(do you get the joke?)

Let me know in the comments below if ya do….

line break image - 012


Until next time



15 thoughts on “Red Peonies ~ June 17th 2016

      1. I think I slept through Algebra, I just couldn’t figure (pun) out where I would use this type of math in my life.. I was not going to be a scientist where I would imagine this applies… So, for me a wife and mother was just fine for me with your good old regular math… hehehe


  1. Looks like a slug to me – with its head poking down over the edge of the leaf.

    The peonies and the pies look wonderful. We made rhubarb and apple crumble yesterday. Very yummy!

    As for algebra, you do it whenever you work out (for example) how much flour you will need if you change the size of the cake you want to make. It’s just that you call it ‘how much flour the recipe says’ and ‘how much flour I will need’ instead of x (random amount I already know) and y (random amount I’m trying to find out). Similarly, you will use it if you try to work out how long it is likely to take you to drive to the next town. Again, you call it ‘time it will take me’, ‘how fast I am likely to drive’ and ‘how far it is to the next town’ instead of t (time), v (velocity) and d (distance) or x (Some random amount I want to know) y (some random amount I already know or can guess) and z (another random amount I already know). Just saying… 😉

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    1. Ros, well my dear thank you for clearing algebra up for me.. it appears I’ve been using it all this time and never realized it.. I guess I wasn’t sound a sleep during class after all.. I wish it made sense to me long ago, because it would have made math tests so much easier.. You’re a great Teacher my dear…

      So, that was the head of the critter eating my bean leaves.. This is a new type of slug in my garden this year.. the others are not as transparent and much thicker.. hum… I just realized the slugs of years ago were feasting on my hostas and that’s probably why they were so fat.. LOL…. 🙂

      I hope you have a great weekend…
      Take care, Laura ❤


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