June 15th 2016 Rare Snow in Hawaii covering Manuna Kea Volcano

(Pictures from The Weather Channel)

It snowed in Hawaii on June 15th 2016

Given the extremely high elevation of Mauna Kea 4,205 meters is likely to see snow, but it’s rare for this time of year my weather channel reported. Wow…I’m glad we didn’t see any of the white stuff here in northern Ontario, Canada…But, I’ve seen it snow here in June also…

Although I’d just call that a dusting of sorts, and not really accumulation of any magnitude, but snow just the same.. Something for you to ponder over on this warm Friday morning.. it’s already 22c here at 9:46 with the temperatures expected to rise into the weekend up to 30c.

Have a wonderful weekend out there to all of my friends who follow me and to all that just ponder over my blogs just because it’s fun… hugs


Until next time


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