June 15th 2016 - 013 - Peonies opened

Yesterday morning at 8 the peonies bud was just about to open

12 hours later it’s awake in all of its glory.

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June 15th 2016 - 008 - Monster Jalapeno Plant

Last Fall I planted a few Jalapeno seeds into my indoor round clay planter… it grew and grew over the wintertime, and in December I had enough peppers to can Jalapeno Jelly ~ I’ve used the Jalapeno Jelly over a pork roast and over chicken, basting during the last hour of cooking.

June 15th 2016 - 012 - Monster Jalapeno Plant

The Jalapeno plant has continued to grow after I cut it back at the intersections (V) of the stems and here we go again… It’s loaded with peppers once again.. I’ll be cutting it back again after the peppers are ready to pick, cutting back to the (V) in each stem… The main stem is thick and hardy, so I’m leaving this plant indoors and see just how long I can keep this alive and producing peppers…

June 15th 2016 - 009 - Jalapeno Jelly

~  Yum  ~

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Here’s an update on my 30 year old ivy plant I’ve kept alive..This was a school project my son had in grade school and I have tended to it ever since he proudly brought it home for me on Mother’s day….many, many moon’s ago…

June 15th 2016 - 010 - 30 year old ivy plant

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June 15th 2016 - 011 - Avocado plant started in 2015

This plant was started last year, sorry I can’t remember just when… But, it grew beautifully with many leaves… Then the leaves began to turn black and curl up like it was time for a long winter nap… But, not the type of nap we all wish for, no, no, no… it wanted to swim with the fishes… I hope you get my reference from an old movie…

Well, since it took forever for the avocado pit to show a sprout in the beginning, while poked with toothpicks and having its bottom resting in a jar of water for months, and months… I thought I might show this plant some tender loving care… So, there it sat all winter in a pot of its own with just a stem to prove it was still alive… I waited and waited for signs of new leaves all winter, but all I received was crickets….not the bugs ~ rather just nothing at all…

I kept the soil moist when it needed water, and left it to dry out until the next round of water. I even placed the pot near the Jalapeno plant in hopes it would rally just because it could (if it wanted too?)

Well, the New Year came and went with nothing much happening, until around March…I noticed a sprout from the bare stem beginning to show me this plant had not given up after all… So, since I had room in the big round clay pot where my peppers and basil were growing I set the pot with the avocado plant right on top of the soil….There the three plants could converse with each other in plant language we humans can only hope to understand…

Now, the leaves are big again  and all was not actually lost after all…

So, if you too struggle with trying to grow avocado plants from the pits and the leaves curl up and become as dry and crumbled as mine did ~ Don’t give up … let it drop its leaves and keep watching because if there’s life still in the stem, it may rebound again like mine did…

Perhaps, this plant reminded me of a grand lesson for life… “Don’t ever give up…”

Or, perhaps the Jalapeno and Basil plants cheered this avocado plant back to life?

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Until next time ❤

~  Laura  ~


5 thoughts on “Peonies Awakening

    1. Pete, it was amazing how not too spicy the jelly was.. I also removed lots of the seeds and core inside of the peppers .. chopping just the green parts so that probably helped lowering the heat.. My ulcers thanked me for doing that .. otherwise I’d not be eating it either..

      Thank you for your comments, Laura


  1. The peony is beautiful!

    Indoor peppers are a joy, aren’t they?

    Last autumn, my sweet pepper plants decided they wanted to have more flowers, so I brought two of them indoors and put them in the kitchen window to see whether any fruit would set and ripen over the winter. I was extremely dubious because the days were becoming shorter and shorter and it turns out I was right. Some fruit did set – one on one plant and two on the other – but they grew very small and took months to ripen!

    Undaunted, I continued to feed and water the plants and waited to see what would happen. The first new flowers appeared in March and I kept picking them off, with the intent that no more fruit should be allowed to set until the middle of April, when there would be plenty of sunshine. However, I went away for a week at the end of March and when I came back, both plants had set fruit that were growing fast. So I decided to let them get on with it. One plant ended up with 5 mini peppers, the last two of which we ate this evening in an omelette. Small, but delicious! The other plant has 6 peppers of varying size, all now ripe and red or very nearly so.

    I’d call that a success – far better than starting all over again with new plants in the spring. This way, there is a chance that I’ll get another crop before the autumn.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ros, thanking you kindly for your comments.. Yes,,,indeed it’s good to have fun with indoor plants, even if the yields are smaller, but taste just as good… I’m so happy I’m not the only one growing peppers indoors through the winter.. I just let my pup outside in the heat to do her thing and the wasps are all over in the heat.. One difference the hive is not in my yard this time (I think) rather in the neighbors yard and they are not happy campers at all.. they have begun to chase me and I can’t run as fast or at all like I use to do.. So, during these times I stay indoors out of the heat anyway.. and gaze at my gardens from the blasted window… I need a screen suit to wear so they can’t bite me, but and there is always another but as far as my writing goes… I wonder how good those suits work?

      Take care, Laura

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah. I was hoping you would escape the wasps this year. Perhaps next year you should gift all your neighbours with fake nests? Meanwhile, would a spot of anti-wasp aromatherapy work?


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