June 15th 2016 - 001

There’s hardly a cloud in the sky at 8 this morning. What a pure delight to relish in a clear blue sky…

June 13th 2016 - 002

This plant appears to almost be lined up to dance away the morning…

June 15th 2016 - 004 - Barrel of Poppies from seed

Children love playing with a barrel of monkeys, but I’m delighting in a barrel of poppies….

June 15th 2016 - 002 - Peonies First Bloom

My first white peonies almost ready to open with its color like a beacon of light..

June 15th 2016 - 003 - Red Peonies first blooms

But, this red peonies can’t be stopped either, it’s in a race with its companion plant trying to steal the show….

June 15th 2016 - 006

June 15th 2016 - 005

June 15th 2016 - 007

Have a wonderful enlightening day out there!

line break image - 012


Until next time

~  Laura  ~


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