I can’t help but remember the very first time I ever won anything. I was around 7 years old at the time. Memories are special little gifts at times, and I think the winner of my raffle contest will always remember winning the contest. She’s around 4 years old and took the naming of my creature very seriously, indeed. So, I added a few extra personal items to the contest prizes, suited just for her. Lots and lots of Frozen items went into the parcel. I just checked Purolator tracking online and noticed it arrived safely to its destination.

I must wait a bit to hear and hopefully see her reactions to her first contest win…. Her auntie will record her on her cell phone for me. I’ve know the winners Auntie for many many moons and she feels just like a daughter to me as well, so this contest for me has warmed my heart and was surprised this little person was announced the winner. I’m sure after opening up the parcel she will always remember this day and for that I’m truly blessed and thankful to have brought these special memories to a sweet child…

Since, the winner named my critter “Burger King” I thought I’d add an extra delight and re-work my critter just a little bit  and send to her a copy of the picture.

monkey man 9 by 5 - Burger King - resized 60

Thank you to all that entered the contest

line break image - 012


Until next time


4 thoughts on “Memories of my first win

    1. Giggling here Pete, yes indeed that explains the rest of the story…. Paul Harvey.. would say.. So what do you think about my critter wearing a golden crown? LOL

      Take care and as always thanking you kindly for your visit to my blog..



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