Monkey Man - 005 - Resized 90

Let the Games Begin !

❤   Raffle open June 5th ~ June 12th  ❤

Naming of the Creature Raffle Draw with a prize!

(We must fill this jar …. I hope)


Raffle Draw - 001


Tell all of your friends and neighbors to join in…

I’ve decided to begin a Raffle Draw with a prize (small) All I ask is your help and participation in naming my creature standing in the middle of two cherry trees.

Each person who offers an idea will be added to the glass jar you see here, and I shall draw out the name live on YouTube and announce the winner… (well I mean film with my little camera and make a video and put on YouTube) I suppose you already understood that eh?

I will then ask for the winner to send to me their email address, so i can get their mailing address for which to mail their prize…Remember this is a little game of fun so keep the names clean please.. which of course I know all of you will anyway..

So, take a moment to post in the comments a origin and a name for my drawing…

Many thanks for your participation and joining in with me  ❤


Until next time



6 thoughts on “Nameless Creature Artwork Completed~Raffle with a Prize Begins

    1. Thank you Pete, for your kind comments… I too am pleased how it all turned out in the end.. Now we wait a week for the draw and so far it’s between you and Ros… Good Luck…

      Best wishes, Laura


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