(work in progress)

Monkey Man - 004 - Resized 90

The artwork continues with part 2 having the cherry trees in full bloom ~ Next I think I’d like a bridge behind my tall creature. But, in the meantime can you all play along with me in naming this critter and also give it an origin. It might prove to be a hoot if you all join in and come up with some ideas for me, and that way we get to know each other just a little bit better.



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12 thoughts on “What should this creature be called? Part two

  1. Given the cherry blossom, I am going with a Japanese origin, Laura. However, when I used Google translate for ‘Chaboon’, it returned the Japanese translation as ‘Chaboon’. Back to the drawing board! As the Japanese like a monster (Godzilla etc), I might try something along those lines.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Pete, I think Bamchab is awesome. So far only Ros and you have commented for an origin and a name… hum… I’m going to offer something very soon to see if I can light a fire underneath some of the other bloggers… Stand by and see… πŸ™‚

        Take care, Laura


  2. Bamchab πŸ™‚

    Love it! But apparently it doesn’t exist in Japanese any more than does ‘chaboon’.

    Once, when I was a teenager, I had a Japanese penfriend whose name was ‘Haruko’. It seems that this means ‘child of spring’ – which kind of matches with the cherry trees. Not sure what the male equivalent would be, but there seems to be a male name ‘Haruki’, which includes the word ‘haru’ i.e. ‘spring’.

    Maybe we should call him Haruki Bamchab?

    Incidentally, it appears there is a Japanese equivalent of the ‘bigfoot’ or ‘yeti’, which supposedly lives near Mt. Hiba and is hence referred to as a ‘hibagon’.

    The things I am learning, all because of your daft blog, Laura πŸ˜‰

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    1. Ros, isn’t is amazing how such a silly little thing as my trying my hand for the first time on a drawing tablet for the computer can translate into the search for a origin and name be taken seriously..

      I love how this transformation has taken place with you and with Beetleypete joining in with me..

      Now I ponder how to get others on this blog to join in the fun and I’m certain they might just giggle a time or two in the process..

      On a sad and disheartening note, I found out the cause of my older sisters passing (suicide ) I had a feeling this might be the outcome, but I prayed it wasn’t the cause.

      This little project is somehow holding me together, in a time when I too from time to time suffer depression..

      So, when I say to you my dear you’re a dear soul for joining in and always being a true friend on here and Pete (beetleypete) I from the bottom of my heart mean it fully…

      On a lighter note:

      There’s going to be a draw and a prize when the artwork is finished and I will be putting all of the names into a bowl and film the drawing of the winner, a small prize will be mailed out to the winner, so far my dear you’ve given the most names and they have been added to the bowl.. Stay tuned and keep those ideas coming in ..
      Hugs and much love from Laura ❀

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  3. The Japanese for ‘Monster’ is ‘Bakemono’. A cherry tree is called a ‘Sakura’.
    So my second suggestion is ‘Bakekura.’ But it might not be a monster, it might be friendly.
    The japanese for ‘Friend’, is ‘Yugin.’ So my third suggestion is, ‘Yugikura.’
    More to chew on, Laura.
    Best wishes, Pete. x


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