(work in progress)

Monkey Man - 004  - resized 70

I thought I might share with you a little piece I’ve been working on (it’s a work in progress) so hang in there with me…. I knew I wanted cherry trees in this picture in full bloom, but it’s going to take a long time to cover the trees and I was a tad excited to give you a little preview of the picture. My son the graphic artist loaned me one of his pen tablets to use along with the computer and I took to it straight away. He was amazed how quickly I adapted to drawing without looking down (like pen to paper) But, and yes with me there is always a but…..

Since, I was taught to type with all fingers, never looking down at the keys I found over the many years I could type in the dark and only wind up with a few misspelled words.. Way back in the seventies when I was in business school they taught us Key-Punch and how to type fast (220 words a minute) along with shorthand… key punch was a large, loud machine that would punch holes in cards for the information…Back when computers in every office was only a dream… Any-hew I’m off topic with back story…So, I told my son the ease of drawing on this new fangled gadget along with my computer was a breeze due to my training back in the 70’s….

Can’t you just see the twin cherry trees in full bloom?  I hope so…. But, the creature in the middle has no origin as of now. Can you out there in the blogging world help me to come up with a breed for this creature and also a name for him or her?  It might be fun to read what people come up with during this time if they join in….

So, please help me name this critter that’s a work in progress…

(I know my mind works in a weird sort of way with this drawing)

But,…sometimes you just have to flow and see with happens

That’s A Me !

Take care and thank you in advance for playing along with me, naming him or her ❤


Until next time

4 thoughts on “What should this creature be called?

    1. Good Morning, Pete
      That’s a great idea ~ wonderful imagination on your part on your first try.. Thank you for joining in with this little game of mine…

      Have a marvelous day across the pond with Ollie…

      Take care, Laura


  1. I’ve been pondering this one. He’s clearly quite a large creature, since he is bigger than the cherry trees. This would suggest some kind of giant or ogre. The hills in the background, being fairly small and hummocky, reminded me of some of the hills round here that rise up out of the Levels like random sandcastles left by children on a beach. This one, for example: http://somersetroutes.co.uk/site/burrow-mump/24

    As you see, it is called Burrow Mump. It seems burrow means hill or fortress (from the old English/German burgh) and mump is local dialect meaning hill, clod, lump or some such. At least, that’s what the historians will tell you. But we know, don’t we, that it’s really called after the mump who has his home there? I mean, it’s obvious. There’s even a bridge right alongside for the mump children to hide under ready to frighten any young goats who happen to be passing.

    A burrow mump – that’s what your creature is. Without a doubt 😉


    1. Ros, what an interesting response via comments. I love this idea and I can see a small bridge to be added to my picture. “Burrow Mump” oh my I’m so excited to continue with this experiment. Thank you so very much for the input and the link to the site so I can see it for myself. I believe I also need some green here and there. This was the beginning to the cherry trees as they will tower much taller in the end, but my critter is indeed very, very huge…

      Hugs to you fine lady for your help with this little piece of mine.. 🙂

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