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Hugs and many thanks


Until we meet again


4 thoughts on “Spring Awakens with the Promise of Summer

    1. Hello there Pete, and yes it’s a fake nest ~ hopefully to scare the dickens outta the real wasp not to bother in my yard this year.. I actually have two of them in the yard… One is good right? and two must be better… ??? All I can do this gardening season is hope… ~~ But, this year I planted mostly root veggies so it will be Fall before anything is ready and in the meantime I can just leave the permaculture beds on their own… They are like a self watering miracle in action.. they drain away if too much rain, and hold moisture if it’s too dry… they also act as fertilizer as it composts down over 20 years.. ~ Yes, that is how long these beds are suppose to work.. Long time eh?

      Thanks again my friend across the pond for your continued support to my little blog…

      Laura 🙂


  1. What a difference in a month! I remember being amazed last year at how fast winter moves to summer in your part of the world. Your dog looks like such a gentle soul 🙂

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    1. Ros, it still after all of these years amazes me how quickly Spring has sprung into such a nice sunny warm time outside.

      It’s so hard just to know when to start planting with conditions here..

      Beginning of May was in the 20’s and the 15th snow…

      I’ve planned on mostly root vegetables this year, plant them and forget them… in my permaculture beds..

      I hedged a bet and planted the seeds just before all of the frost was gone, since I’ve read you can put some seeds in the freezer to aid in germination..

      So, I’m running a test to see if Mother nature would offer her assistance and she didn’t fail me one bit..

      All of the seeds planted May 11th came up beautifully and are all growing nicely in the beds…

      Thanks for commenting on my pup as she is a gentle soul with a grand heart of gold… she follows me around everywhere day and night.. she reminds me too when it’s time for bed, which I always thank her for that as I rise when the sun does…

      Hugs from Laura

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