During the winter I watched a group of deer eating happily on the neighbors evergreen trees. This spring as the weather begins to warm up a bit to no longer need a heavy winter jacket and dawn spiked snow boots. I’ve noticed one of the deer is the same since last year ~ I think anyway. You see one of the deer has a wounded leg and hops around on three instead of four and there’s also a few markings I’ve seen as similar.

April 16 2016 - 004 - resized 20 - black and white

I wonder if this animal wounded itself jumping the fence, but as I watched it yesterday after tiring of eating the weeds in the neighbors backyard. The wounded deer hopped over to the neighbors back side of the fence after figuring out the safe jumping distance away it needed to be.

I was in awe of this animal who reminded me of high school days back when in gym we were all suppose to jump over hurdles, which for me being so dang short ~I never made it over them…

But, as I watched this poor sad creature whom I’d been watching for at least half an hour eating away to its hearts content. It lined itself up just right and in almost slow motion you could see the muscles in its neck bulge out a bit, and lower its hind quarters ~ To sail beautifully clearing the fence top without a problem in the world. Only to turn around and watch the other two younger ones still eating, missing out on this amazing feat.

April 16 2016 - 003 - resized 20 - black and white

This animal has no concept of what it can’t do in life, it merely judges the hurdle and carry’s onward. I’m still grinning from ear to ear at a very important lesson nature taught me yesterday.

April 16 2016 - 006.jpg - resized 30

I removed all color from the pictures today, because I wanted you to just see the deer, and not be distracted by its surroundings…

My pup and I watched from the patio deck in pure amazement. She also had to run down the steps to bark at the creatures a few times, just to let them know of her presence. After she could have cared less and plopped down on the deck to sun herself.

April 16 2016 - 005

I hope you have a fabulous day on this fruitful Sunday afternoon…




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