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My late husband and I would take a vacation to a place down East of here (Ontario, Canada) to visit the camp (as he called it) where I first witnessed salmon swimming up stream in all of their glory. It’s a magical sight to behold watching these marine life do what just pure and simple comes naturally to them.

I’m not sure what I expected on my first trip to the “Camp” as this was also the first time to meet the parents of my soon to be husband. We all were to meet at the camp and stay there for two weeks. Excitement and pure horror began to erode my thoughts as we traveled via Chevy truck the twelve plus hours to arrive at our destination. (His shocks needed to be replaced too.)

“What if they don’t like me?”

Was the dialogue churning over and over in my head…I wanted to make such a good impression I suppose….But, I’ve rarely been camping and had become very use to indoor plumbing too. I was told the outhouse (OUTSIDE) was painted the same color as the camp. Hum…was this information suppose to make me feel at ease stumbling outside in the middle of the woods at midnight with all of the critters ~ searching for this yellow outhouse with green trim?

After, a few days at the camp someone thought it best to give me a flashlight for my nightly adventures with nature. (Why on earth didn’t someone think of that sooner ~ or myself to ask for one.) I ask you!

This little blog of mine, as new as it is….has begun a life of its own. The older blog I had last year contained ramblings of this and that. I had photography, cooking, crafting, storytelling, and the like on a monthly basis. I have noticed since I first began blogging folks usually find their topic of interest and stick to one thing.

My scattered brain works in so many directions like the Los Angeles, California  freeway going north, south, east and west with lots of off ramps. My son tried his best to offer advice for me to become successful after my first few months of blogging (4 or 5 years ago) but, being a person with so much interest in so many things, I didn’t listen and winged it so to speak.

Needless to say I was indeed swimming up stream getting no where fast. I suppose I totally confused folks to what my blog content was all about. The foodies were not interested in my cute little stories, (probably too long in content) and the photography people had little interest in the crafting of my big headed tiger cub… those folks that followed me through that long adventure two winters ago will remember. I tried my best to also make it funny…

So, this brand new attempt at blogging will try and make you smile, and hopefully laugh from time to time. But, more than that I’ll be sharing who I really am with you and hope you enjoy the ride. ~

Back to the camp…I grew fascinated with the ease of the outhouse after the first week. Feeling like a pro  rambling outdoors with the flashlight after midnight ~(if I had stop drinking coffee with dinner I wouldn’t have had to do any of the midnight runs to the outhouse) no pun intended…..

But, and yes my life contains lots of those….One day visiting the cozy little outhouse all adorned with fresh yellow paint and green trim I looked up (while sitting with my pants at my ankles) to witness the largest hairiest spider in my life webbing its huge body straight down between my legs!

I can deal with the sharks in the Gulf of Mexico, and the snakes of the South. I’m sure we too in the south have big spiders, but Eastern Canada showed me just what I was made of ~ a great big scary cat.

I flung open the door of the outhouse with my pants still down to my ankles just to see my soon to be father in law standing at the back of the camp with yellow paint dripping on a paint brush, he turned and noticed my sudden departure from the outhouse and slowly returned to painting with steady strokes of his wrist.

I realized one important thing that day ~ Not to be afraid of meeting the in-laws, because there is always something worse to be afraid of instead…

I swam up stream for two weeks camping in the deep woods surrounded by the loveliest Birch trees swaying in the wind right next to the majestic Maples there to protect and offer beauty. Yes, I went against my very core and natural grain of who I was and absorbed the knowledge that I too could be like Little House on the Prairie ~ and cook on a wood stove, fetch fresh water from a cold running stream I shared with the salmon.

The nights were never brighter, the air cleaner, or the sleep most peaceful as those two weeks spent in the woods at the camp…

Take care my lovely friends of WordPress and have a bright and clear day





4 thoughts on “Swimming Up Stream

  1. A nice memory of your outdoor experience, Laura. When I was young, our toilet was outside the house too, and that was in central London…I was also scared of the spiders, and used to leave the light off, so I couldn’t see them!
    (I didn’t mind the big-headed tiger cub, or the recipes. There’s room for lots of things on a blog.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. ‘My scattered brain works in so many directions…’

    And the ocean (which is where salmon spend most of their lives) is a very big place with lots of new and interesting places to visit. I see no reason why a blog should not be the same? Just a thought for you…

    The first time I met my parents-in-law, we went out to dinner and my nerves were so bad that I ended up spilling something all down my (only) posh dress. Reading your story, I suspect that there is something inevitable about these things. Sooner or later, we are all going to get caught with our pants down! Probably better sooner than later 😉

    My introduction to camping came via the girl guides and was done under canvas. I was later to discover that one of the many down sides of becoming a patrol leader was that I then became responsible for removing any scary bugs from the tent before the other girls would settle down to sleep. It was my first experience of ‘the buck stops here’ and stood me in good stead for bug removal once I had children of my own. Still can’t pick up spiders in my hand, though!

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    1. Thank you so much Ros, for validating my scattered brain that travels at a speed faster than light.

      Yes, to the sooner than later being caught with your pants down around your ankles as I can’t imagine that happening now a days..

      oh the sight of it now would scare away all of those spiders I’m certain…

      Thank you so much for sharing with me your camping adventures and your In-Law stories. I suppose nerves ruled in both cases… But, something for down to road to laugh about and even become brave and blog about it.. hugs to ya my dear, have a great afternoon…

      ~Laura ~


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