Sometimes you can find free stuff…How you ask?

Well I use to take my car into the coin operated car wash place down the road from me to get all of the winters grime removed. But, the car was always left with residue that I needed to get off at home. Once, I was waiting in line to move forward for a good wash and noticed cars and trucks ahead of me with much more sand and grime on their vehicles.

Winters dirt on the Car - resized 20

Hum….We were all using the same soapy brush the owners of the car wash provided ~ you know those long handles with a lever. Well…then this old brain of mine got to working overtime ~ rarely, but it does happen from time to time…Β  πŸ™‚

My vehicle is 18 going on 19 years old, and I’ve always had it in a garage. (A major prerequisite for buying the home I’m in at the moment.) So, if there was the littlest scratch I’d use the car paint I bought from the dealer at the time of purchasing my black beauty.

I bought the lifetime protection for paint and rust as well at the time of buying said vehicle, and I was responsible for touching up any scratches. Well, taking care of an expensive vehicle is not a chore, since you’ve spent your (almost) last dollar on it. So, I treated my vehicle almost (and I mean almost) like one of the family…

Fixing the scratches, feeding it fuel, giving it a bath, taking it in for its checkups…You see not really unlike caring for family members or pets too….

Anyway, as usual I have gone off track telling you about freebies….The car wash was out for me, since I began noticing hairline scratches from using the car wash brushes that were really, really sandy… I might as well be washing black beauty (Yes… I gave my vehicle a name) with sand paper along with the suds and water.

So, before the counsel-men decided to put in water meters I used the old fashioned way and hauled out my handy dandy hose, (here’s the hard part) crawled underneath shelving that was built with a clearance of around 4 feet for the bottom shelf, and the rest of the shelving goes almost to the ceiling of the garage…

This is very handy for totes with tons of stuff in them that I need to use a ladder to reach… (Remember I’m tad pole height.) This is where the outlet for the hose is. Yes…I kid you not! There’s not one outlet for the water on the front outside of the home. So, now you see why the car wash at first was my go to for cleaning the vehicle.

Then they installed the water meters into all of the homes in my town, well I was not going to use the hose and thankfully I could now say goodbye to crawling underneath the shelving to reach the outlet, and do my part saving the planet by watching my own water usage.

What’s anΒ  old gal to do I ask you?Β  She drives her winter dirty car around until the first day the free water arrives ~ Via the nice gentle rain of spring. If, there is a lot of salt on the car I genuinely wait for a hard down-pouring of rain combined with wind to get the sides all nice and shiny. Ta-DA! a nicely bathed car for free.

green frog in the rain - resized 50

So, you see there are at times free stuff….A free car wash for me, and doing my part for this globe we live on.

Take care and have a carefree day and evening


~Laura ~



9 thoughts on “Awaiting the Free Spring Car Wash

  1. Since we filled the garage with (junk) things we need, after moving up here, we cannot get either car inside. This means parking them on the driveway, underneath one of the oak trees. The cars get filthy from the trees, and from the birds that sit in the branches. After a while, I just gave up washing mine. I realised that the local car dealer provides a very good clean, inside and out, every time the car is in for service or minor repair. So now, my car is only ever washed by someone else for free a few times a year, or like yours, left for the rain to do the job.
    Mind you, I am put to shame by the shiny clean cars of my neighbours. If I was worried, which I’m not.
    I also bought a silver car. They generally look cleaner than darker solid colours. After having a black car many years ago, I always said that I would never have black again. It shows up every mark, like a mirror.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Pete, thank you as always for your comments to me sharing your part of the globe.

      I certainly hear ya about black cars showing every piece of grime and dirt attached to them.

      I should have waited just one more year for a line of beige vehicles like mine to be released from the line at the car plant.

      I fell in love with that color once they were on the market and I knew lots of other people were too.

      They were everywhere on the streets one year later.

      But, I fell in love with this car and its color at first sight and was ready to put in the work to try and keep it picture pretty.

      One of the service-men who became upset at his boss at the service department told me just how much the bill was padded for my so called free car washes at the dealership, they do have to hire folks to wash these cars by hand.

      The dealership discontinued the washing of the vehicles I suppose to save money, but didn’t lower any of my service prices for things.

      Unfortunately, at times you can learn more than you want to know from these people when their are upset at something their bosses are doing and they have no problem telling you about it when they drive you home to wait on the service to be completed, or you overhear them talking among each other as you wait at the dealership while your service is in the works…

      Sometimes, ignorance is bliss for me…it saves the times I get frustrated over these things making my ulcers rear their painful heads letting me know they are indeed still there just waiting for such a moment.

      Take care my friend, and have a most cheerful day…

      Laura ~


      1. Very true about the bills, Laura. I have no doubt that the cost is factored in, but there are many places that charge the same, and don’t bother to wash and clean the car.
        As for replacing parts, and charging for unnecessary work, that has been a problem in the motor industry for years. Unless we can invest in the equipment to do it ourselves, they will always hold us to ransom, I suspect.
        The most popular car colours over here are still black or white. Both the worst possible options, given our weather.
        As always, Pete.

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      2. Oh I know, Pete… what are we going to do if we’re not mechanically inclined to fix our own cars.. heck I couldn’t even find where they hid my jack.. LOL πŸ™‚ have a great one
        Take care , Laura


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