It’s a bit overwhelming for me to learn that my cell phone provider will no longer carry the technology that runs my cell phone. Alright, I must admit before going any further….My Cell Phone Is A Dinosaur!

cell phone - green

It does not have any of the bells and whistles that the cell phones of today have. No Camera, No Internet, and none of the other things such as apps.  I can’t play angry birds on my cell phone even if I understood what this game is all about. I mean really in a world gone mad why would I want a cherish bird angry at me?

cellphone Dino[MomBlog]

My cell phone could in fact dial a phone number and someone would answer on the other end, until texting became a rave among many. This feat took me eons to get the hang of it, but I rallied and with my daughters help I mastered texting.

But, mastering the tasks of remembering the password to get into my own messages was daunting to say the least. I’d try many different combinations of what I thought was the pass code, only to be locked out for attempting too many times the incorrect number combinations.

I’m told never to carry pass codes with me when I have the cell phone, just in case it was one and I mean no one would want this old dinosaur of a phone these days.  So, I wait the allotted time to attempt the pass code after I found it jotted down in a little black book where all codes go and often just die there due to something shiny and new that has taken its place ~ New technology toy…

I’m certain that shortly my satellite provider will be sending me a similar notice telling me they no longer will provide service to me as I only own Tube T.V.’s ~ There’s not one High Def telly anywhere in my home. Soon, this will become a home where all I can watch on the telly is my d.v.d collections of which I own many. More than enough to last a life time of falling asleep watching the telly at the end of my day.

It’s been ages since I’ve fully watched a show without having to back it up to before I fell asleep, but being the trooper that I am I rewind so to speak at least 5 times before totally giving up on watching the same show one more time….

Castle, I’m sorry that I never make it to see who was the killer….

Grey’s Anatomy, I’m sorry that I never get to see your patients become well again after arriving at your hospital after being impaled by an arrow.

The list can go on and on …

But, I coffee up the nights Supernatural is on because by golly gosh I’m not going to fall asleep when the boys are on and saving the day ~  one way or the other.

Art work Jon Supernatural0001

~ Artwork by: J.G.Scott~

Take care and have a most wonderful day and evening




6 thoughts on “A Dinosaur and a Cell Phone

  1. My parents only got rid of their first B&W TV when the rental company suddenly increased the fee to a value that would pay for a new TV should the old one finally bite the dust. By that time, the picture was so poor that it was no longer possible to see the ball when the tennis from Wimbledon was broadcast. Despite this, the picture quality didn’t bother us most of the time. We were used to it. We were also used to seeing everything in shades of grey. It was quite a revelation when my husband later informed me that the ‘dispensables’ (as my brother and I called them) in Star Trek had red shirts! You mean those guys don’t wear grey :O ?

    You enjoy your dinosaurs! I fully intend to keep this laptop running until such time as it can no longer cope with the internet. That’s how it was with the last one, which is still perfectly serviceable in every other respect. As for my mobile, it was bought primarily for emergency purposes and is rarely used. When my husband suggested recently that I use it to take a photo, I looked at him as if he was crazy. I mean, it never occurred to me to use it in that way! However, I have used it occasionally as an alarm clock because I don’t own one of those…

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    1. Thanking you kindly, Ros…It’s such a delight for me to read what you have to share with me about the content of my blogs. I love that you share with me your stories as well.. For me that is the main reasons for even being on here blogging. I adore interacting in such a way… I’m still giggling about your Star Trek Shirts… You’ve made my evening with your comments. Bless you my dear and take care …

      ~Laura ~ 🙂


  2. I upgraded my ‘phone to a ‘smart phone’ some years ago now, in the hope of using it for emails and Internet. Much of the time, the signal strength is not enough to even use it properly as a telephone. I now carry it around for emergencies, and as I get the occasional text. And most of the ‘phone boxes are gone here too, so you would be stuck if you had a breakdown, or something similar. I also use it as an e-reader, with the KIndle App. Once the books are stored, you can read them at leisure, and the screen is -just- big enough.

    Analogue TV was discontinued here a couple of years ago. All the excellent CRT tube televisions can still be used, but only by buying an additional digital TV box to connect to. I bought a ‘smart’ TV when we moved here, but I have never connected it to the Internet, to the amazement of my relatives and neighbours. The LED screen is poor compared to the old TV styles though. Blacks are fuzzy, and scenes at night are often impossible to watch. It is also affected more by reflections, and extraneous light. The only good thing is that it takes up a fraction of the space! The PVR is a godsend however, as I can series-record what I want to watch, and don’t have to actually watch it when it is broadcast.

    We are fellow dinosaurs, to a degree. If you are a Tyrannosaurus, I will be a Triceratops!
    Best wishes as always, Pete.


    1. I hear ya Pete, I only used my cell phone in the event of my 18 year old C.R.V. breaks down, which in all this time of owning a cell phone I’ve only had one break down and that was a flat tire I needed to call a tow truck to come and fix.. ( plus I have pay as you go without contracts on the phone which cost a mere $11 dollars a month… Who these days can say that, I wonder…)

      I couldn’t get the darn jack to work properly,,,, as it turns out they (car makers) hid the proper jack underneath the picnic table that’s underneath the carpet in the back of the vehicle.

      I did a post about it a long time ago on my other blog… The dealer when I bought the C.R.V. had put the old jack from the car I had traded in into my new C.R.V. and I thought for all of these years that was the proper jack for my car..

      The tow truck driver had to place a block of wood to raise along with the wrong jack to fix my tire. Oh what a day that was… went to the dealer thinking I had the wrong jack and they couldn’t find it either. I suppose with 18 years of newer cars no one knew where the location was for my car…

      They were going to order me one and charge me, which I was not impressed with.. but the jack in the end was found by not a tech, but by one of the bosses of the tech’s.

      He was surprised too, and I bet the new owner of the car I traded in was surprised to find no jack in their used car.. I wonder if they were charged for a new jack when returning to the dealership?

      Yes, I’m Tyrannosaurus Rex-ie 🙂
      Take care
      ~ Laura ~


      1. My car doesn’t even have a spare wheel! For cost cutting (they call it space-saving) they supply a kit to seal and inflate the tyre, just long enough to get you to the repair shop. I wouldn’t chance that myself, so if I get a flat, I will call out roadside assistance to fix it, or put the car on a low-loader if they can’t.
        Best wishes, Pete.

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      2. Pete, oh my goodness I had no idea that was an actual thing,,, I have a full size tire attached on the back of my cars tailgate. It use to have a cover, but that had to be cut to get the spare off.. The bloody zipper over these many years rusted shut… 🙂 but, at least I had the tire to use….

        Take care,
        Laura ~


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