April 8th 2016 - A Bed of Snow - resized 30

I survived the past two days of heavy snowfall wondering if I’d ever get the chance to put seeds into my homemade garden trug. Last year I made the garden trug with a few alterations to my own liking. Many times the snow has melted off the soil in the planter only to snow again to offer a new blanket of snow. I suppose since it was and still is winter here I shouldn’t be at all surprised. 🙂

I’ve enjoyed watching the footprints the critters have made in the snow on my deck. Every morning I wake up to freshly fallen snow. My pup also finds these visitors interesting as much as I do, sniffing every spot where they left their impressions.

It’s a morning routine in the wee hours for us, I with my coffee cup in hand looking around as she pushes the snow with the tip of her black nose. Guarding the patio after sniffing the scents they left behind. I always (if seen by others) have a curious expression on my face, wondering just how she can smell anything in the cold snow.

I’m just happy that my sense of smell is not that of a dog, because taking out the garbage would become a unpleasant job to say the least, or when clearing the yard of the little presents she leaves behind. Oh my…Good heavens for a human nose half plugged by a sinus condition… 🙂

I woke this morning feeling my age of almost sixty. Gosh….that felt odd typing my almost age. I’ve never validated it before in public…hum…it’s almost invigorating! I rested yesterday for a few hours after shoveling with my daughter, before I even thought about attempting to see what was wrong with the snowblower that died on me.

I tinkered around with this monster of a machine which I’ve owned for almost 18 years. The snowblower wasn’t one of those machines with many bells and whistles. It is just a run of the mill machine. You yank on the pull cord, and pray it coughed and burps until it roars with a thud announcing it’s ready to blow some snow.

With tools in my hands and a how to book marked on the section for snowblowers I began to try and solve the mystery. With the grace of stubbornness I figured it out and got it running once again. I blew the snow at 7:30 this morning reminding myself ~ Your as young as you want to be, even if your body is telling you otherwise.

Back in my twenties I thought a person of the nearing age of sixty just sat in a chair and hoped to not fall and break a hip… But, now that I’ve almost arrived at the golden age I’m out there last summer moving with both hands and a strong back the logs to make my third permaculture bed. I’ve not had a cold in over seventeen years, most of which is without a flu shot.

I must be doing something right, or I’ve been blessed because I’ve never once given up on my faith in all of these years, even when being tested after losing my husband to a sudden heart attack when our children were little. Perhaps, trying to find a brighter side to life when it’s dark all around has been the ingredient to success for me. Perhaps, it just is…. simple as that. But, for what ever reasons ~ I’m truly grateful and honored to have you spend the time reading my blogs. This really means the world to me that you do ~~~

Take care and have a most delightful day…   🙂



3 thoughts on “A Bed of Snow ~ April 8th 2016

  1. Well done to you for fixing that snow-blower, Laura. Another example of your determined nature, and refusal to let things beat you.
    I am well ahead of you, as I was 64 in March. There was a news feature here, claiming that, “65 is the new 50!” People are living longer, and doing more after retirement than they ever did before, apparently. So far, it’s not working for me, as I seem to be getting all the illnesses and aches and pains that I didn’t have in my forties, and they are arriving like buses, one after another.
    Two years before I retired at 60, a work colleague suggested that I should make sure to live somewhere warm, like Malta, or Spain. Perhaps they were right, as the damp and cold do take their toll. However, your resilience in the snowdrifts gives me inspiration, so keep writing!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Pete, I hear ya on that note about 60 becoming the new 50…I too have issues with damp cold weather.

      Previous broken bones tell me when it’s going to rain two days before such event. LOL ~ I’m a blasted weather-woman, hear me moan.. 🙂

      When you’re given as many lemons as I have leading up to my 50th birthday you either bury your head somewhere or you rally and make use of those lemons to make a pie in my case…. The heck with lemonade… Give me Pie! 🙂

      I think I’ve found my avenue for this blog and hope you stay on this roller coaster ride with me as I become nearer to the 60th mark…

      I’m actually very excited with every day and don’t really worry about the numbers. When I’m sore I rest, and get up and power through the next hurdle and that’s a grand feat for a person barely over 5 feet tall… 🙂

      Happy belated birthday to ya my friend across the pond,

      Laura ~

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