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It’s Spring right? I mean I didn’t just imagine what the calendar is telling me to be true…We did have the spring showers last week, without the dreaded hail usual for this time of year. The 7 foot snow bank on the side of my driveway just in front of the two evergreens trees you see in the picture was melting at record speed ~ that was last week…

Mother nature can be a beast at times rearing her will to suit her needs. I suppose on occasion I too have been known to behave in this manner. Some times I just can’t look at another piece of raw chicken trying to figure out a new way of cooking such poultry. Since, I’ve given up eating beef ~ Oh my beloved T-Bone had to take a backseat due to a condition that would get worse if I eat it. My poor rusting B.B.Q. is saddened by these changes in our eating habits, and has taken to pealing off its layer of red paint on the top of the lid.

I actually think I heard it out there on my deck moaning one day back when the weather was warm on the skin and you could sit outdoors watching nature at its best. But, I soon realized the darn tank was hissing at me from a slow leak ~ Thank goodness the tank didn’t blow up on me. I probably was drugging some poor chipmunk that likes to linger on the bottom rack of the B.B.Q. stand. Propane, hum….Danger Will Robertson!

I’ve always been a bit shy about that first firing up of my grill after the automatic starter button bit the dust eons ago. Now I have to strike a match and shove it in the hole at the bottom, ready to dart off in the other direction if flames start to happen where they are not suppose too.

But, I brave that first piece of chicken I throw on the grill with glee since it taste so much better than what I can do with it indoors on the stove or oven. But, beware they say not to char the meat because that’s suppose to be no good  for you. Hum….What’s a girl to do? I ask you…..

So, I’ll just shovel the white stuff as it continues to float down, and often blow in directions at  gale force speeds today. To not go stark raving mad, I’m trying to look on the brighter side of things as my daughter (who helped me shovel this morning) said upon coming back inside all covered in snow like I was….”I want to move…” she said.

My response being a transplanted American to Canada for over 30 years…”It’s Canada…”

Sometimes you just have to view certain things on the brighter side, perhaps the snow out there that’s blowing in all different directions is just confused…. which way do I go, which way do I blow…   🙂

Take care out there today, where ever you may be and if your weather is grand get outside and take advantage of the glorious day.



4 thoughts on “Snowblower quit on me! April 7th 2016

  1. It is always sobering to read about your weather, Laura. As someone who constantly complains about the weather in England, you make me realise how lucky we are, not to have snow in April.
    Sorry to hear about the snow-blower, but pleased to read that you didn’t blow yourself up with that barbecue!
    Best wishes as always, Pete.

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    1. Pete, thank you kindly for your comments to my post yesterday. It’s true….there is always someone else in worse shape as far as the weather goes.

      The tornado’s that hit the states not too long ago was devastating ~ putting my couple of feet of snow to shame… that’s what I told my daughter anyway…

      Our house is still standing even if it’s covered in snow.

      I’ve lived in Calif and felt the earth move, wondering if this is going to be the big one.

      I’ve ran with my family when younger to a safer place when the hurricanes approached the Southern states of Florida and Mississippi….

      My grandmothers family lived in Iowa and one time while swimming at the Y.M.C.A. outdoor pool the sirens blasted out making your ears hurt warning of a tornado.. We ran home to my grandmothers root cellar and upon looking over my shoulder the tornado touched land and was not far behind us, throwing debris at us like needles…

      So, my woes with the snow is on all accounts not so bad at all…

      but, boy oh boy my body hurts today since there wasn’t a snow blower to do the heavy throwing of the white stuff…

      Take care and I hope you’re feeling much better today…

      Laura ~


  2. Hi Laura!

    Good to see you posting again. I’ve missed you. Looked for your old blog and found it gone :O Looking forward to hearing about your garden adventures again this year…

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    1. Hello there my dear sweet friend….I’ve missed being here as well.. Since I was going to be away for most of the winter months I removed my old blog.. I thought I might start up fresh with a new look… I can remember when buying a new hat made all the difference in the world for me, 🙂

      I also can’t wait to get outdoors and get my hand dirty in the garden.. My poor beloved Birch tree had to come down last summer, I sat on the stump looking at all of the logs spread across the lawn thinking my backyard will never be the same again. It’s odd how I grew so attached to this old tree, which was two birch trees growing out of the same spot…I suppose it gave me a peaceful feeling since I’m not a spring chicken any longer. So, I told the man who cut down the tree, and made a pile of logs for me to just leave them there because I was going to begin a new permaculture bed for which to garden. There’s tree cover from the other trees in my yard and the neighbors property, but I watched last summer how long this area was in full sun… perhaps it will work out and if not it can be a place for spinach and the like… Hang in there with me on this my return to blogging with a bit of a long winded tongue or typing fingers…..Take care hon …..

      Laura ~

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