April Fools day came and went with the snow almost melted around the area. I was actually happy to soon be able to rake up all of the little presents my pup has left behind ~ All winter!

This marks the weather warming up, and the removal of limbs here and there which have fallen.

Look who is back - March 22 2016

~March 22 2016~

March arrived with quite a bit of blowing snow. Sorry for the blurry picture of my friend in the back yard peaking over the fence at me taking their picture, but it was just too cold and windy to open up the patio door for a proper shot (with the camera of course) sorry for the pun.

They called for around 30 centimeters of snow to begin today ~ Wednesday April 6th and continue right through to Friday. Well, you can imagine my dislike for this news, even if it’s not a huge surprise up here in Northern Canada. My seedlings can’t even dare to peak their tender leaves outdoors until mid May. So close and yet so far away is my jewel (I hope) of a garden to begin with all of its critter battles and the wasps that have found my backyard to be a haven.

I’ll share the backyard garden with them because they did a find job last year keeping all of the bugs off my plants. But, this year I’m planting mostly vegetables that grow underneath the soil, like potatoes, beets, carrots, radishes, and the like. This way I can just wait until they are ready for harvest and the wasp and I will not get in each others way this summer.

I keep telling myself to become one with nature, and think about what type of respect these pests need to survive and flourish in my garden. Soon the hummingbirds will arrive, and not too long after that my honeysuckle will be in bloom drawing the beautiful butterflies to my yard.

What an amazing show mother nature offers us each brand new season and I can’t wait for it to begin.

I’ve spent most of the winter shoveling snow, re-watching all 7 seasons of The Gilmore Girls, and writing a story. All in all its been a wonderful and healthy season for me once again. I can hardly wait to be outside for more that shoveling and take pictures of the garden to document this brand new year of 2016.

Oh…right! One other thing I did this past winter ~ I grew hot peppers indoors ~ I planted the seeds in early Fall of 2015, and also planted Basil seeds in the same pot. The basil went nuts providing me a bounty crop all winter to use in my sauces. Oh my fresh basil homegrown in the winter is the very best. I harvested in January the hot peppers and made Jalapeno Jelly out of them. This is delicious brushed over pork roast or baked chicken.

The jalapeno plants I cut back after harvesting the peppers and now they are budding again with new peppers. The stalk of the plant is very thick and hardy, just right for when it’s time to plant outdoors. I’ve snipped off most of the new buds so the plant can continue to become hardy for its first season outdoors. Oh my… life is good and exciting for me right now…….

Stay tuned to this channel, so to speak….there’s more coming soon.

Take care and have a wonderful day/evening where ever you are

My pup - summer of 2014 - resized 50



2 thoughts on “April fools ~ On me

    1. Pete, thanking you kindly for your message. I think it’s time for me to return. I’ve missed your blogs and others so much as one of my daily routines, but it was last Fall taking me hours to partake in such treasures, that my writing was not getting anywhere. I look forward with joy to read all of the back issues of your blog… just give me time to enjoy and leave messages.. Take care and feel better my friend… all the best to you and your family,


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