How does this word make you feel?


Dictionary definition of the word passion.

3 thoughts on “Something to Ponder ~ Jan 5th 2016

    1. Koko, thank you for your comments… I too love the passion fruit as well.. I was just in the grocery store and noticed very high prices on everything up here.. 3 dollars for a stalk of celery.. what on earth are they thinking? … that’s nuts and that was just the beginning of the high prices… needless to say my cart was pretty empty after all was said and done today in the store.. Have a wonderful day .. Stress free, happy and content.. that is my recipe for you.. hugs my dear.. Bluebird ~ (Laura)

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      1. Food prices have become quite ridiculous! I shop at several stores to get everything that I need. I am growing some plants indoors. Sprouting seeds too. I haven’t bought nuts this season. Such a shame. Greed is rampant and that makes me sad. Stress free, happy and contentment for you as well! Hugs, Koko

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